Closet Revamps

This 2-hour service is free to all Savvy Chic Consignors, $25/hour for non-consignors.

Savvy Chic will come to your home to help you with your own fashion make-over designed to update your wardrobe or even redefine your own personal style. All decisions are yours to make, we only help you gain the confidence to make the needed changes that will lead to fashion success.

Get in on the giving, schedule a Closet Revamp for a good cause.


Schedule an appointment for an at-home or in-store visit. Tues-Thurs. 8-10 a.m. or 6-8 p.m. Decide what you want to get from this experience. A CLOSET REVAMP WILL ASSIST YOU IN: Letting go of those clothes and accessories that no longer fit your lifestyle and fashion; Mixing and matching items in your closet in ways maybe not previously considered; and Refreshing existing outfits with restyling, or new accessories. Open your closet, and your mind to fun and fashion!


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