Look Good Do(ing) Good


The LGDG Program is designed to create a new vehicle for charitable giving.  Donate your designer items and have the proceeds go to your designated charity. Your donations will be processed like all of the other fabulous merchandise that we sale but it also will be labeled as charitable.  Items will be available for sale both in our store and on our expansive website. Customers will not only have an opportunity to purchase fabulous fashions, they will knowingly make such purchases with the purpose of contributing to a worthwhile cause.


We recognize a legitimate need to establish new avenues for charitable giving.  After years of volunteering with non-profit organizations, we recognize their value and the challenges that programs face. Tough economic times and less government support have caused many valuable programs to experience significant reductions in funding. We want to rethink our capacity to give by realizing the unutilized value that may be in our closets.  Those designer items that we no longer use or value could have tremendous impact on charitable giving.  We want to align FASHION and CHARITABLE GIVING to advance social change through those charities that you already love.


Our expertise in the resale market will make certain your merchandise will receive optimal exposure and pricing assuring your items will sell for the desired price.  We authenticate, research, price and display your merchandise in-store and on-line.  We want to sell your merchandise to help you make an immediate donation to your favorite charity.  We also offer Direct Buy Out – We pay you cash up front 40% of the selling price.


We make it convenient and discreet for you to donate with us.  Our FREE Pick-up service is available to you.  We will schedule an appointment for one of our Closet Specialist to come to you if you are in our local area.  Outside our local area or in another state we will arrange for FREE delivery to our store at no charge to you.


Contact us to schedule an appointment for pick-up with our Closet Specialist that is convenient for you.  All official documents are prepared and signed while with you.

We evaluate research, authenticate, price and consult with you on our findings.

You receive an e-mail with an itemized list of your merchandise as well as an assigned number listing your merchandise for sale.  This number gives you 24 / 7 accesses to your merchandise via the web.


No, there is no fee to donate.