Savvy Chic, what does it really mean to each individual who encounters those two words.  At our boutique and in the world of fashion, we love to believe that it translates into only one thing that really matters– “how do you really feel in that outfit?”

What you wear should make you feel fabulous!  You should exude confidence in your own personal style.  We all want to be fashionable in our choices, but everybody does not have to be in Chanel to achieve it, although who doesn’t love Chanel?  As Gore Vidal so eloquently put it, “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.”  Your clothes should be a statement of who you are, so embrace it, own it, live it!

New Merchandise

Weekly changing stock

We continue to shop the markets in Dallas, Atlanta, and New York seeking the latest new styles and up and coming designers for exciting fashion finds and trends. We also shop the designer racks at these markets for trending merchandise of designers who are new and breaking into the market and try to catch them on their way up to the big leagues while they are affordably fabulous. Looking for the latest looks in designer fashions, handbags or purses, shoes that are memorable and accessories that give your outfit that WOW factor…try us on for size.

Consignment Merchandise

Consignors in 7 different states

We have consignors in 7 different states that look outside their markets for new consignment venues that are not saturated with the same merchandise in their home states. This allows us to bring very unique merchandise to our state that we don’t see anywhere else in town. Those featured designer finds and fabulous accessories are highly sought after in any market and we are excited to be able to offer them to our customers. Our local consignors have increasingly fabulous finds from their travels as well as shopping trips that have grown our inventory in many ways. Some of our jewelry finds are from our talented artisans which gives us several one of a kind accessories.

Vintage Clothing

Fashions from the past

Vintage is the new wave in fashion and we have a growing selection of items from casual wear, work attire and quite a great selection of evening and formal wear. We also have wedding dresses from the 50’s thru 80’s as well as new bridal gowns and mother of the bride selections. And of course the vast array of jewelry, hats, purses, gloves and broaches are on display in somewhat unique and fun cases for your viewing.